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A Me link is a URL attached to your Wallet profile, this will allow you to get paid online with a personalized link like, Share your link with your friends, families, and customers and let them send you money in a much smarter and faster way.

Now people don’t have to worry about knowing your bank account, phone number, email address or even have a wallet account to send you money. All they have to do is click on your shared URL and send you money via their credit/debit card, wallet or directly from their bank account.

Visit and grab your link if yours is available. If you already have a account, you are good to go. If not, creating one is really easy and fast, all you need is your phone number

It’s totally free to set up a account or set up a link.

Your Me link can be accessed from any modern browser on mobile devices, tablets and computers. links are only available on first-come, first served basis. If your preferred link is taken, try some alternatives we are sure there is enough for everyone.

You may only have one active Me link per account as it is tied to your account's username, However, you can change your link by simply changing your username.

Just share your Me link with friends and families in a tweet, Facebook post, SMS, or on your blog. Let them click on the link and pay you with their cards.

It’s completely free for you to receive money via the Me link, however, people paying you will bear a transaction cost of just 50 Naira only.

As soon has you get paid via Me, the funds reflect immediately in your Wallet balance, you can then use this funds to pay bills, send to someone else, transfer to a bank account or just withdraw cash from an ATM if the need be.

Yes local and international cards can pay you via Me, as long as the card is enrolled for online transactions.