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Create a link, share it and start getting paid. Receive money from your friends and family, Get paid from your customers with just your Me! link.

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Payments made fast, safe, and simple


It's easier to get paid. Millions of people around the world can pay you in just a few clicks. No need trying to sort through your diary for your account numbers.


Safer for you and your business. is PCI DSS Compliant, when using Me! people paying you's details are securely transmitted, Also you and your customers benefit from our Protection Programs. It's safer for everyone.


Wallet Me is a better way to remind people that you’re waiting for their payment. Just share your link and start getting paid immediately.

Nothing is as easy as getting on ME!

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Create your own personal link and it will be linked to your wallet account. If you don't have a wallet account already, sign up now to start receiving payments.

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Now you can go and flex this power. Share your link everywhere and anytime you want to receive money.

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Your customers click the link, enter the amount, and they're done. The payment is then sent to your wallet account.

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  • It was a very nice way to receive payments without hassle or need to set up a form of platform. Withdrawing was also sleek via paycode.

    Adewale Abati,

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